I only had a 30 second conversation, but here are the results so far...

Adam Mohr got beat.

Billy Ayash won.

Bart Palasewski won.

Jason Reinhardt won.

UPSET SPECIAL- Yunker won over Clay Guida by RNC.

Joe Jordan won after a tough battle (and losing?) by knocking out John Strawn with one minute left in the 3rd. I guess he KO'd him pretty good.

Gassaway vs. Joey Clark is up next. I should be getting a call after this one...

I am happy to bring you these, courtesy of TIMMYH! :)



Tough loss for Guida.



Congrats to Billy ayash great guy!!!!!!!!!


Tough loss for Guida..

Good win for Reinheirt.

keep'em comin

Apparently going into the 3rd, Joey Clark is beating the hell out of Brian Gassaway! Has some nice throws, etc.

joey clark fight???

Thanks to GipJoint from the other thread:

"Sean Salmon won by TKO in the second round. Strikes from the mount.

Jerry Spiegel won via heelhook less than a minute into the first round."

go joey...

Also, he seems to think Illinois might have three 3 minute rounds for pros...although, he wasn't sure. He seemed to think that the rounds are going by very quickly. (It's probably just the alcohol talking ;) j/k Tim!)

Krazy Horse results?

"Krazy Horse results?"

Coming up, I believe...

Good job Speigel...

Let's see Curran do his thing next!!

Crazy Horse is gonna be pretty entertaining...wish I could see this fight live!!

Curran by TKO~ because the ref stops the fight due to the arm being extended and CH not tapping!! watch~


Joey Clark won, but apparently the crowd booed. However, I was told Clark stayed active and deserved the win!

I think he said Moreno vs. Clark is up next...