We would like to thank Scott Nagel for all his help and support that he given the KOTC since we have come to Ohio. Also, we would like to thank Dustin Ware for the great pool of fighters that he introduced us to.
Tim Osboune thanks for all your help coming to our aid at the last minute.
To all the fighters that fought in our show-we couldn't have asked for a better card. You guys had more guts and courage then some of the events of the past. The fighters that stood out will be recognized to the fullest extent by the KOTC. We look forward to coming back to Ohio! Thank you to all the fans for your support and we hope to see you at the event.




do you really need to ttt it every 2 minutes?

Scott's a good guy . KOTC was damn lucky to have someone like him to help out in a new location .

Shotgun, it was a good show last night... couple fights i really wanted to see that were supposed to happen didnt. (Kerry schalls fight, and Angelos fight) What happened to those?

good job, i enjoyed the show.

team strong style kicked some serious ass (cox and petz)!

i supported the show by buying a $55 seat and then not going because i was pucking all day saturday. :(

The show was awesome! The great thing about it was that it was only the first show, and will only get better...which made it even worse for me that I didn't get to fight. Because of NO fault to Corey and KOTC, my fight was cancelled because my opponent "No Showed".

I was actually really sad that I didn't get the chance to fight. By my permission, Corey even tried to find a replacement so that I would get a chance to fight in front of the fans that came to watch me, however, it just wasn't my time.

At this time I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Corey for taking care of me by trying to find me a fight, and after my fight was scratched and compensating me for my trouble. Congratulations on the good show and to all the fighters who put it on the line last night!


how did the griffonrawl guys do?

"how did the griffonrawl guys do?"


TimothyBrown - Angelo's opp was a no show, and Kerry had an accident backstage.. long and not very funny story, but in the interest of his health, he was not able to fight..

Great show shotgun.. I hope the KOTC becomes a regular thing in Ohio! when you get a chance, email your address to me, I have about 350 pictures for you.. I will post of few on here later to give you and the fans a peek.. email is bogart6868@hotmail.com

- Tim Osborne

jason dent did he win?

I didn't go train today, but I read on this forum that he won via armbar at the end of the first round.


WELL DAMN!! iwas looking forward to seeing those fights..... and had i know i could have filled both those spots with guys who were at the venue!! None the less still a good show!!

a few pics on the KOTC RESULTS thread..