Honest opinions only please.

Just curious as too what are the majority of the MMA fans opinions on these two promotions in australia?

Which one have you been to if any, or both and your thoughts?

I personally have attended KOTC but have not had the oppertunity to travel to QLD for a XFC event as of yet. From what i have seen and heard KOTC seems to be the number one event in Australia at the moment ?

"From what i have seen and heard KOTC seems to be the number one event in Australia at the moment ? "


you haven't talked to many people about that have you?

and as you said, you haven't had the opportunity to travel north to see the others...

From: Moonclouse

Date: 04/19/06 10:00 AM
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Does anyone know (promoters) an approx or final card for the up an coming KOTC in penrith on the 28th April?
I have purchased two tickets for this event, although i think this would have to be the worst advertising for a promotion i have seen yet. If it was not for these forums i would not have known this event was taking place. As i choose not to look at bonello's site and KOTC website has had no details posted about this event for the past couple of months.


and you also think its the best?


lol at that blatant troll attempt. having been to spartan, shooto (in melbourne) and the kotc events. i would say that kotc is at teh very bottom of them 3.
shooto was well run with randy coutre being there, and spartan was well run as well, except for the time wasting auction.

kotc needs to step up with their information, its 1 week out, no info on fighters, no advertising except for a poster on the internet. kinda disappointing. then they claim to sell out the venue. which is pretty easy to do seeing as its so small.

I have only been to some of the Qld events including Spartan, XFC, and Warriors Realm.

Of these my number one is Spartan. But the others have had some good quality bouts on them. I find I prefer the ring to the cage from a spectators view point. Both spartan and xfc are in the ring. However XFC has shorter and more rounds which is better for a slug-fest and less so for the ground game. I have only been to one WR and it was bloody awesome except for the cage (and the chick singing "eye of the tiger"). WR has had the likes of Elvis vs. Traven and Lombard vs Shen (?).

When comparing organisations it's all open to the opinion of what the individual uses as judging criteria.

My priorities have always been the greater mainstream exposure of the product and the career pathing of the fighters. I have always been somewhat comtemptuos of the smart fan in making matches and rules/regulations that had a far broader appeal than to us (yes I am the oldest smart in Australia). But at the same time have had some really big internationals here including VILLASENOR, SEVERN & Frank SHAMROCK as a guest.

With respect of the other organisations, naturally I pride myself head and shoulders above all, however they all do things I like and dislike. We all have a vital rol in the sports success here.

In closing, I am on the verge of something BIG that I believe will even have greatest 'hater, happy. This has been my life since the late 80's when I first saw the sport, over 15yrs later I'm still here and would like to think the sport would not be where it is today without me.


Ooops! Sorry Mr. Brown. I remember being real excited about seeing two awesome grapplers going at it (Lombard vs. Brown) and bloody Lombard gets a controversial knock out in a matter of seconds.

I was disappointed and impressed at the same time.

to see the LOMBARD x BROWN fight in full


exciting clip

Well I gotta say, Lombard looks the shit!!! I can see why you put him above Bonnello! Hope he gets the succes he should get.

Cheers Clay


You can "see why"

but can

you see WHERE, I did this?


Some of the clip (in particular the big slams) in the highlight is from the staged demonstration held at Johnny Scida's event... Don't know how legit it is to mix that in with the real stuff and call it a highlight.

I wonder how things will get when they have the Pride show here in Sydney, and the K-1 Heroes??

"Don't know how legit it is to mix that in with the real stuff and call it a highlight"

Actually alot of highlight clips have training footage in them.  That's why it's called a highlight clip and not fight footage.


KOTC has the Name

But the XFC is far more 'user friendly'

Lets face it cages look good on TV but to the audience they are just a pain in the ass,

Rings Everytime.

Where? you said as much in the hector vs bonello thread.

Maybe you can explain to me what you mean by "put above bonello"

Without looking back I can recall stating to the effect of - Hector has other priorities than fighting Tony in Australia. I certainly don't recall ever saying anything comparitive regarding their skill.

Regardless, I could say I am putting hector above Tony with respect of my own personal commitment (effort) to the athlete.

Tony has his KOTC thing and I have my thing.


"Surely you would understand that after such a showing he has greater opportunities than fighting here. I promote shows here and understand that. Bonello understands that and Hector does too.

Is it to hard for you to simply congratulate the guy.

BONELLO is not THE biggest fish in the pond, that is a fact. Hector will have phenominal opportunities ahead of himself right now & that is our priority."

Maybe I was reading too much between the lines, my bad.
Cheers Clay