kotc- whats the latest??

ok, this is kinda ridiculous. its less than 2 weeks out, and still little to no info regarding this event, people need to know.
how much r seated tickets, i need to sit down as my tired legs cant handle standing for so long, but then again, kotc is usually a KO fest so it will only take 1 hr

It takes time to rehearse a main event.

ok, enough of the jokes, ttt for info people

why would you actually bother?????????

You actually think they (the organiser) might have learnt after last time to actually keep the fans informed of what is happening. I understand arranging an event like this does take some time and work, but no update this close to the event is rediculous.

i dunno, u know what they say, a fool and his money are soon parted.

i want to go support some local fighters, thats my main reason i guess, the alternative is to go to training that night, hmmmmm......

This was posted on another thread previously...

www.tonybonello.com usually has the posters for the next KOTC event

TTT for the local guys competing for real.

Yawn Bonello v Hoffman.

Tony looks bigger, then last time..

Hoffman is advertized to fight in XFC in the states (California) the day after KOTC...

What's going on with that?

wow just wow!!

looks like ill be going to training instead

wtf pwn??? r u even going? i thought u had work on.
and he aint no mate of mine

ttt on this joke. it seems like its a no show.
good luck with it

wow, 2 days to go, and no info at all.
and with the whole bobby hoffman fighting in the usa the very next day, what does that say about him actually being there for bonello

I have no idea about whats happening but.......

With timelines the match in the US would actually be closer to 2 days appart. HOFFMAN'S done crazier stuff before.


tell me about it, throwing a fight and all ;)

well it seems that bobby hoffman may very well be in australia as the XFC in america has cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

Just rang Panthers.
Approx 120 'general entry' tickets left.
And quite a few 'gallery seating' tickets still available.

Interesting that show that is not forced down the throats of the 'smart fans' can still be a success.