KOTM Results?

Subjugated husbands want to know.....

from what I can remember.

2. David Behrendt(Kachi) def Damian Liddle(Mulisha) via arm bar

3. Josh Robinson (rock hard)def Tim Henderson via arm bar?

josh caught tim with a reverse figure 4 from sidemount
very good night tim (olsen) and mitchell's kickboxing fight were my fav's but everyfight was exciting!

Anyone got a play by play on the Jim/Distant match?

Pretty much as expected with Big Jim and Shane. Shane came out looking to throw bombs, and Jim wisely wanted it on the ground. Shane came forward, Jim backed up and then clinched under a right hand from Shane. Jim took it to the ground nicely, getting side control and staying calm. Shane managed to get out and stand back up, but Jim took him down again shortly after, going back into side control, then mount, throwing some big bombs that I couldn't see land, but sounded VERY hard. Shane showed some good ticker to not tap out from the punishment, and Jim then worked on a figure-4, eventually getting the tap from half-guard.

That's how I remember it anyway. I do have a memory like a sieve though... ;-)

Also, big congrats to Mark Su'a from Rings, who had his first MMA fight on the card too. The boy has a future!

It was approximately two feet from my face, and he definitely tapped. It was undoubtedly a 'panic' tap, but he knew he did it, he just immediately realised he didn't need to, and played along like he didn't know what was going on.

The guillotine wasn't on tight yet, but Mark did have one arm in and across his throat, and we all remember what emotions this brought up when it first happens to you. I suspect he didn't have too much experience with chokes. He was also a little less confident by that stage I think...

It's a shame that some may think it was a 'controversial' win, but Mark definitely won the fight, and in fact I think Mark would win 10 out of 10 against him. It will be great to see Mark fight again - and I doubt he (Mike) will want a rematch. Also, Mark weighed in at 86kg, a 10kg disadvantage. I think anyone could see which of them was the fitter and stronger though (how could you not be tough and get those tattoos on your legs - traditional style!).

Well done by Mark.

I actually thought it was a bit of a shame that Fiona won her fight, as she may now think that her sidekicks and backfists are legit techniques in the ring... ;-(

Sidekicks can definitely work (I think Chris would stomp me if I dissed the sidekick!), but not hers...

Also, the last girls fight (kikborxing - did I spell it right Matt?) was a cracker. It seems that spray-painted leopard spots are no match for a legitimately hideously ugly haircut though (the worst I think I have EVER seen on a 'girl'). Some good technique and toughness shown by both, but experience seemed to be the difference in the end. Well done by Peta even though she lost, but good ticker for finishing the fight after that brutal body rip, and congrats to both fighters.

I have seen Fiona fight twice now, once at Spartan and once at the last Amateur shoot fighting in Twmba. It's good to see her getting in the ring and giving it a go, but I too find her "style" a bit weird.

The spinning punches just seem to easy to defend. Anyone have a PBP on the fight.

Jim looked great, he landed a massive combo standing in the corner, and some g n p, pinning the arm rickson style. Jim mentioned that Shane was the strongest guy he has felt on the deck.

I really enjoyed the promotion and think it is getting better and better drawing bigger crowds and a very professional production. The fights were very intense and big props to Joe Perry for the effort and hard work. Well done fighters and trainers.

i thought both Mark Sua from Rings and Ben Connolly from Kachi will be ones to watch out for.

Can't wait till the next.

good night...some great fights, and plenty of other action too (need i even say it again but... RUMOURS, best club EVER!)

and yes daryl, the last KIK BORXING fight was a cracker. peta did tremendously well, just wasnt her night (i think even shin kicking the other girl square in the head somehow managed to hurt her more! :p ..well she's the one sporting the great big bruise on the leg from it anyways).

also expect to see her back in action in the near future - bader, and more pouty looking than ever... never know your luck in the big city too, it might even be an mma fight! ;)