Kotor 2

Picked this game up from Steam sale for 10$.
I've played it trough many years ago but can't remember much. I downloaded the Sith Lords restoration mod which apparently fixes a lot of bugs and adds dialogue etc.

Anyone else playing this?

I played it in the beginning of the summer. Great game. I went full on dark from the beginning.

I still remember playing the first one on Xbox. Such a great series. Wish they would have followed the format for another title.

Yeah great game indeed. I always pussy out on the dark side thing and just try to stay neutral and do some good deeds.

The first one was great too. Epic story.

I think you need to go full dark to get all the extra partners. Last time I played I tried to go neutral and missed a lot of shit.


That game does reward you for neutrality. I hated that you couldn't get Mira and turn her to the dark side to slut her up.