heres the latest info about the game that i found searching the net....

- Title is Sith Lords
- Totally revamped graphics engine
- Enhanced item upgrading sytem
- You're the last known Jedi from the Jedi Order.
- You can influence party member Light/Dark alignment
- Swoop Racing, Pazaak, and the shooter mini-games are back

seems interesting

I just got my Computer Gaming World and it had a pretty big feature on it. Looks great, here's what I know.

You play a different character, a disgraced jedi.

Some of the first game party members will make a return (HK-47 has been confirmed)

There are new force abilities and three new jedi classes for each side (3 light, 3 dark)

5 new planets to explore

animations for attacks and powers will change as you level up more

interface and graphics engine the same but improved

Joint PC and XBOX release for Feb of 2005


thats a long wait