anyone playing this yet? great game.....

I am still downloading it.

I'm playing. It took me 23 hours of game time to get a damn lightsaber. The weird thing about this game is that I've basically had my way with 99% of the enemies that attack...I wasn't even sweatin' getting killed. But there have been a few points in the game where you just get overwhelmed and it takes several tries to get past it/them.

Getting jumped by the mercs outside of the Crystal cave on Dantooine is one example. I had to keep running back in the cave to heal up force powers and life.

The stuff they've done with the "influence" in your party is a cool addition as well as the added features of creating/breaking down items in a workshop or lab. The extra slots of lightsaber mods are cool as well.

It's pretty much the same game as the first though, but hell, I loved the first one.

is this on PC yet?

 Love it.  I'm sooooo evil. 

Jefferson, what world did you go ot first?

where is the lens for the lightsaber?

 Different places.  Where are you?

I've got it, haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I am curious about something: I have the guide for it, and in looking at all the abilities/powers for the different classes, it seems that the dark side guys have some serious advantages as the game progresses (e.g., the Sith Assassin at top levels does a helluva lot more sneak attack damage than his Jedi counterpart, who is otherwise equal in every way).

Anyone have that same observation?

in Nar Shadda....I have everything I need to build it but the lens....just wondering if there is one in Nar Shadda as I am planning on leaving the planet soon and look somewhere else...

Nah, if you're three quarters to the end of the scale of either light or dark side then go to back to the Ebon Hawk.  You'll fight a lot of Trandoshens(sp) and take one off of them.  Then hit up Bao-Dur and he'll build you one.  Otherwise you'll need to do some quests to bulk up your light/dark stats.  There's also a nice glitch where you get 1000xp over and over if you haven't already messed it up. 

"in Nar Shadda....I have everything I need to build it but the lens....just wondering if there is one in Nar Shadda as I am planning on leaving the planet soon and look somewhere else..."

You get the pieces at random for completing quests. That said, on Nar Shadaa there is a black dude in one of the rooms in the flophouse. You're supposed to re-unite him with his wife in the refugee sector, but of you go in and tell him you're going to kill him, you can loot his body and he'll have a piece of the lightsaber. If you have all but one of the pieces, it will be whichever piece you still need.

There are a few other ways to get some more pieces quick - there is a quest in the jedi enclave on dantooine where you have a choice to rescue a salvager. You can rescue him and get the piece from him as a reward later, or you can kill him and loot it. You can also trick him into running into a pack of kanraths and loot it from him after they kill him.

Another easy piece is to get above 25% alignment either way and enter your ship. If you win the fight that starts you'll get another piece to your saber.

i got it all now....game is so sweet once you get your saber

the best part of the game, so far is learning different lightsaber forms. i can tell the difference when i use the right one for the right situation. i think that is fucking cool. dork that i am, i tell my gf i am learning jedi jiu jitsu.

he says Jedi's only use power for defense, never offense....

I spent all of Christmas and New Years playing it while the old lady went around cleaning shit.  I am scum.

I'm playing LS now for goround number 2.  The Force Storm and Death Field owns anything a LS power can do, but if your charisma and FP is high enough you can absorb the penalty pretty easily and still shock  the shit out of people even though you're good. 

Memnock and Gord - I get the whole philosophical angle behind what light side guys are supposed to do, but it still doesn't add up the way games usually do (purely in terms of numbers). Case in point - Jedi Weapon Masters and Sith Marauders are identical to the last point. The two prestige classes that are based on pure force powers are identical to the last point. But Sith Assassins have a serious sneak attack bonus that is not equalled out anywhere in the Jedi counterpart. You'd think they'd have boosted his defense or persuasion or something to make it even.

And Crescentwrench has force-choked the correct - the dark side powers are so much stronger than the light side in this game. In theory, a Sith could use his damaging stuff against a Jedi, and the Jedi could counteract it with his buffs and healing, effectively making such a fight a stalemate. And I kinda got that feeling in the first one. Not so in the sequel - a fully powered Sith will annihilate an equally high-level Jedi. The only class that I think could take down a Sith Dark Lord with maxed force powers would be a Jedi Weapon Master with all the lightsaber feats maxed. Maybe.

according to Lucas the Dark side IS stronger. Yoda was lying in ESB

all I know is that force lighting is the bomb.....and the dark side is stronger but Sith always end up destroying themselves or going crazy while the Jedi are chill and are not blinded by the dark....

on your little panel in the bottom left corner, 2nd last box you can pick your different form and when you do it will tell you what it does