anyone read any rumors, release dates for KOTOR 3 and if so, what will this one feature?????

I dont know but I hope it features the ending of KOTOR II


I don't think it's even been started yet, what with the 4-5 other projects Bioware's carrying right now.

Given a reasonable 2 year development cycle, we might see that bad boy in 2008.

Didn't Bioware get the shits with LucasArts forcing them to release an incomplete game and have to work under extreme deadlines?

I thought they vowed never to make a Star Wars game again.

Obsidian did KOTOR 2, not Bioware (they were busy w/ Jade Empire at the time)- but I wouldn't be surprised if they had the exact same feeligns :-/

" in related news Jade Empire is going to be released on the PC."


Ah yes you're right Hardwired. Pretty sure Obsidian are the ones who have that opinion. Some nerd at work was telling me at the time.

Exactly, Memnock. I fully support more sci-fi RPG's.