this shits due back tommorow night I got it on pause. Im at the part Malak says the star forge will fuck me up, now ive been fighting droids for 15 minutes in the room with all the old shut down computers (terminal A,B,C,D,E,F,G). What the hell do I do?
I normally dont ask for help on RPG, but this is an exception, my time is almost up.

You have to use spikes to disable all the computers in that room. The robots will keep being recreated until you disable them. Spikes will 'spawn' in the containers after awhile if you do not have enough of them right now. You may have to kill a few robots while you wait.

Everytime you kill a droid of a certain class (A,B,etc) then a spike will appear in that computer's bin.

Yeah. If you don't have enough spikes then you have to run around killing droids until the spikes get created. You can also hack the forge to make good droids to help you if you have enough spikes.

thanks guys im trying that now. I thought about that but while fighting i could never turn to the computer...

I cant even open a fucking computer, the jackass wont turn to the computers at all. I constantly in comabt mode. I cant get a zoom in on the comuter or containers. This game is pissing me off.

Ok I figure it out a beat it? So hows the dark ending look. Also what about the secret society where you assasinate people. I didnt find them all and I got kicked out of Manaan nayway. What happened in that ?

Damn I knew I should have did the dark side. But some you have to try to be dark side it seems. Like your my guy was just naturally light side.

Dark side is much easier to play. And they want it that way. It's more of a challenge to stay on the forces of the Light. Kind of like in life. It's fun to be nice and get all kinds of accolades and save the galaxy, just for a different game and ending. After you destroy everything and everyone you touch first though :-)

i just started playing this game today. the background behind my guy is bright red....is that good?

Yes, it could be better. Wait til your character has thick black smoke pouring off them then ask again.