KotOR mmo

Bioware is working on it, according to EGM.

Awesome if true. I'd play in a heartbeat, hell, I bought an Xbox to play the first KoTOR.

id play.

Mass effect = kotor 3 though.

How would that be all that different from Star Wars: Galaxies?

As long as it doesn't suck, it won't have anything common with SWG. Except star wars. But suck is really the hallmark of SWG.

"How would that be all that different from Star Wars: Galaxies?"

Im a little more interested in how it will be different from WOW.

I can't muster up any enthusiasm for any MMORPG, period. I'd much rather just have a co-op RPG. Like Oblivion or KotOR, but with a few friends making up the rest of the party (or splitting up to get different things done and running back into each other later, etc).

I think Two Worlds on 360/PC actually does this, but the game is only two months away and kind of looks and sounds like a mess.

"they need to make another baldur's gate type game"

Can some fucker just make a baludrs gate type game period!

NWN2 was good, but how nice it would be to get some BG2 and planescape type gaming with 6 party members.

^^^^ I would pay $59.99 sight unseen for such a game.

Holy shit!! This would be absolutely awesome!! My all-time favorite game turned into a never-ending MMORPG!! Oh hell yes!! Where do I sign up?!?!