KOTOR Newbie

why are all the doors locked on the upper level of that planet in the first mission? I can't get into the cantina, I can't get into the military base. What's a guy to do?

Also...why can't I just start fights with people in the game ala fallout?

FINE!! So I figured out the opening door bit myself, but no one wants to lend a hand with me offing anybody at will??

There is no PvP

So...I can't attack a sith guard just 'cuz? That sucks.

It's really better that way- the ability to attack anyone (a la Baldur's Gate) can be a game breaker.

it doesn't have to be a game breaker- just do what Morrowind did.

tag all the people critical to the quests, then pop up a message if you attack or kill a person critical to a main story quest.

remove the tag when it's time to kill them.