KOTOR question

Alright, when you run into malak on the star forge, he sends a crapload of droids at you. You're all alone and surrounded by droids, and everytime you kill one it gets replaced with another one. I fought droids last night for nearly an hour.

Can you get around this? How many f-ing droids do you have to kill? Can you shut the droid-maker things off?

did you do it dark side or light side?

hehe, ya you hive to slice each of the terminals.

OH that part! That is before you even get to malak, and is pretty f'n easy. lol sorry, jonwell is correct though.

ah. That explains it. fighting the same droids while drunk for an hour is pretty lame. Thanks.

Even better, reprogram the terminal to make droids for you... additional spikes appear in the bins when you smash a droid for the respective terminal.

Make sure you've got a load of life support packs and stimulants when you get to malak... you'll need them...