Kratom - TME

I suffer from chronic back pain due to an accident.
Opiates worked for awhile but eventually the body adapts to them.
After those, doctor switched me to Ultram. That worked for awhile, until I had a seizure and was hospitalized (known possible side effect).
Now they've been trying nerve blocking meds like Gabapentin but they don't really work.
My state doesn't have medical marihuana yet, and I don't know any street homies or such.
So, that has led me to try some "alternative" treatments, like Eastern meds made from teas and horse anus and such.
So far, no luck.

The latest thing I've found online is people using a plant based powder or pills made from Kratom. And there seems to be a good number of people who use it for pain.

Just wondering if anyone has tried it and what you thought of it's efficacy in treating pain.

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in for knowledge....good luck OP

Yes, it works. Buy the bulk leaf and brew tea. The capsules are a waste of money. Phone Post 3.0

Read FDA import alert 54-15. If you buy it online, make sure it doesn't come from any of the manufacturers on the list or you won't be able to import it.

Buy it from someone who already has it here. Check out INI Botanicals. Phone Post 3.0

I tried the Bali red and it was great

OPMS Extract 3-count once every 2 weeks.
You're gonna have a bad time.... NOT!!
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It's banned in my state now. But is a good place to start. Phone Post 3.0

I bought maeng da or whatever and have eaten it a couple of times. Made me feel strange and kind of stoned. I haven't decided if I actually like it yet. Phone Post 3.0

Is it supposed to help with anxiety too or am I thinking of something else? I think it was kratom I tried but it didn't really do much if anything for me. Phone Post 3.0

viorage - I must of got a bad vendor. I ordered from cali-botanicals Phone Post 3.0

cali bpotanicals have a very good rep amongst vendors, they are cheap too..i use them and their stuff is just as good as other vendors..

kratom is great is wonderful for pain relief and it gives you energy and boosts also cuts your appetite down big time..i havent had any problems with constipation on it but have had a few days where i got pretty nauseated..

i have a hardcore opiate background and i still respond great off of 3-4 grams of kratom..i cant tell much difference between the strains tbh

I take bali red and it's awesome. Feels just like an opiate, order from they've been around forever and are one of the best sites around, also they are located in texas. Order and pay by COD and you get free overnight shipping as long as your order is $50 or more. Phone Post 3.0

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Try reading the book, end back pain forever and the mind, body connection Phone Post 3.0

Viorage! Glad to see it helped bro! Are you still taking it? And for anyone wanting to order, herbal salvation is also a very great vendor. just google herbal salvation speciosa

Smoke that weed!!! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the info all.
I went ahead and placed an order.
Fingers crossed this helps my back pain and doesn't make my dick fall off or chew someone's face off! Phone Post 3.0

WallaWalla - Smoke that weed!!! Phone Post 3.0
Smoke the Kratom?
I think I'll stick to brewing a tea.
Unless you mean MJ, in which case, I outlined above that my state does not yet have a medical program and I don't know any street sources and I don't think "asking around the office" would be a good idea! Phone Post 3.0

Viorage, I've only tried the powder, not the pills. I didn't make a tea, just toss n wash (dump the powder in your mouth and drink/swish water. I am gonna warn ya though, it doesn't taste the best

Anybody else get violently ill after taking it?

viorage - Pain relief was so, so. Makes you really constipated too. Phone Post 3.0
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