KRATOM-who has tried it??

we already have a Theanine/Phenibut thread but ive been reading about kratom and its the same thing...some people claim it gives them euphoria similar to oxycontin whereas others say they just get dizzy off of it..i know there are many different strains so tell me OG

what strain did you use?

how many grams did you use?

what kind of effects?how long did it last?

in for research.

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Drugs are bad.....ummmm okay. Phone Post 3.0

I hear there are people, well-endowed people, who like OPMS extract for the gentle peace it brings.

Pretty good, not bad, great for muscle pain from training too. Phone Post 3.0

I've used it, its a pretty fun buzz if you dose it right. I've tried maeng da and red vein Phone Post 3.0

Feels like a vic or two

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I tried it. Had a lovely relaxing dreamlike evening. Woke up at 4pm(!!!) the next day extremely violently ill. Apparently a certain percentage of people have this reaction. Of my buds that tried it. 2 got sick and 2 were perfectly fine. Phone Post 3.0

You have to eat twice as much as they say to. Some kinds are stronger than others. Some made me throw up no matter how much I took. Pretty expensive in head shops. Overall it's a pretty good substitute for pain meds. Phone Post 3.0

Took a ton and watched project almanac. Wasn't very enjoyable for me. Phone Post 3.0

ttt  need more info

It tastes terrible but I put down about a half cup worth and didnt feel shit.

Just get some weed.

i used it when i cold turkeyed my 3 year sub maintance no taper. it helped with the wd's some but i didnt really feel any high to speak of. then again my "opiod" tolereance was completely fucked... if you've ever had problems with opiates i would be careful with kratom tho. some people say the wd's are minor which i agree but some people say they are absolutly brutal. btw i tried a few different red veins from a popular online vendor.

also if you bought it in a "head shop" and not a "good online vendor" you probably got shit kratom.

if you do try it just find a forum that rates vendors. the more flashy a vendor with their products and names. i would say generally the worse it is

Yeah I got some really good Kratom from a vendor who has since folded a few years ago.

You had to throw that shit into water, stir it and choke it down. On an empty stomach or it had little or no effect. I put it into capsules and it didn't have any effects either.

It was nasty but not undoable. Very much like Xanax or valium, maybe 4-6 hour buzz.

like i said i wasnt taking it for a buzz and thats pretty much how i took mine. it helped wd's and thats about how long it seemed to last. i didnt get and high or buzz from it at all but then again i was pretty close to in hell so i was happy with it just making me feel ok for a few hours.

my very first experience was with green malaysian, i took 3 or 4 grams and felt a great deal of euphoria. after the first time no more euphoria.

this isnt true for every strain but the rule of thumb is green = go (more speedy) and red = slow (more sedating)

the easiest way to consume is to weigh out your dose of 3 grams and pour onto a postcard. drink a gulp of orange juice but don't swallow. tilt your head all the way back and dump the powder in then swallow right away.

i used it to help quit smoking. the hangover sucks and i dont recommend this for recreational use.

it will help you kick opiates if that is your deal.

if you must try, i recommend the red bali. i found it at my local headshop.

if you get a chance to look at the powder, make sure it is all the same color. some vendors will grind the stems along with the dried leaf.

should last for 3-6 hours