It really does come down to vendor and individual batch more so than colour of strain. But there is “some” truth to the strain effects, I do find whites to be a bit better for energy and red more sedative, but all that also depends on dose, as Doug said smaller is more energy while more is sedative. This means you can take a large amount of white and still feel sedated. Red is supposed to be better for pain as well but again the individual batch potency matters more.

Kinda like comparing Sativa to Indica, sativa is “supposed” to be more energetic while indica sedative, but it boils down to individual batch, is it 15% THC or 28%? If both are 28% then I am high as fuck and dont notice the strain, just the smell and taste.

Kratom taste is also noticable, greens likely the worst with white close behind while reds dont taste like mangoes or anything but they are smoother.

bingo. cheers. u know ur shit. ill also add to buddy above saying how horribly addictive krat is, i reckon you are not using it responsibly, meaning taking days off as well as cycling it. i never noticed any withdrawals but i always take days off here and there, im not on it all day, and when my batch runs out ill take at least a week off, preferably more. for instance, im due to run out tmrw or the next day. ive placed an order for more but itll take at least a week to get here which is fine with me as it gives my body a good break from it. and yes, reds are the smoothest tasting and greens by far the worst, as a i mentioned above. greens also most likely to make me barf my brains out too - ie. cause the most nausea. something to keep in mind. cheers.