Really eh? Mine got here pretty quickly tho i Paid for better shipping. I got turned off CKS cuz I got some gold bali from them a year or so ago that made me constipated af every time I did it plus it had a lot of stems in it etc and didnt mix well, lots of foam etc. Maybe ill give them another try tho next time. Have u tried their ‘prime’ kratom?

I did try the prime once and to be honest I didn’t notice any difference at all,

I’ve never got any stems but CKE does seem to have the advantage on grinding it finer. Perhaps that’s why I got more foam. I also never mix in juice or anything, throw 10 grams in a Gatorade bottle, fill it 3/4 with water and shake the shit out of it and chug. So foam will happen regardless to some extent with anyone’s stuff, just found CKE to have more

Kratom is so much better than booze and weed. I can crush a workout on Kratom or take my dogs out for a long hike in the hot sun. If I drink booze or smoke weed id just surf YouTube and be lazy af and then feel awful about it later on

Kratom does have drawbacks but even still it’s much easier to lead a healthy lifestyle on it than booze or weed.