Kraus / Parr fight 2morrow...

Super League Switzerland is tomorrow and is having the following kickboxing matches w/ my picks. What are yours?

Kraus vs Colaj: KRAUS by KO

Swerts vs Parr: PARR by KO

Kraus over Colaj by KO

Malaipet over Crooke by decision

Laursen over Mirza by decision

Parr over Swerts by decision

El Amrani over Hladky by KO

Not sure, he either got injured or they wanted Ole to fight Mirza.

I think Mirza's original opponent was Ludwig, and Ludwig was offered a lot of money for the fight with Penn in K-1 Romanex, so Mirza was out an opponent.

Hopefully the rematch between Chapman & Laursen will happen in a future event.

I'd like to see Chapman fight Peter Crooke....NZ vs UK!

Another fight I would like to see is Malaipet vs El Amrani. That one would be interesting due to the styles difference alone.

Good card.
Kraus by KO

Parr vs Swarts will be a close one: Parr by dec.

Laursen by dec.

El Amrani hopefully by back kick=)

I also think El Amrani would win, but it would be a fun fight to watch regardless.

True on Farid.....Do you think he'll fight in Super League or K-1 Max? He seems to mainly want to fight in Thailand. Hopefully he can be wooed out into one of the two.

One event I'm looking forward to hearing the results of is that June 5th event in France. Has an 8-man light heavyweight tourney with Aurelian Duarte, and it has 3 single matches featuring Sockmongkol, Murad Sari vs Stefan Nikiema, and the one I like most:

JC Skarbowski vs Samir Mohammed

Samir is supposedly 91-0, but Skarbowski is his biggest test. It'll show whether he's for real or not.

That's good to hear about the S1 tournament. I assume it'll be loaded with talent as the last one had some good fighters in it.....Do you know what the date is for the upcoming S1 event?

There might be others for Farid to fight aside from Suriya & Pajunsuk.......Has he fought Numsaknoi, Samkor, or Chanpuak Sripraset? Numsaknoi seems to be the best of the 3 I named, but I'd love to know if Farid has fought any of the three.

It would also be great if they have Farid fight one of the older Thais such as Jomhod or Jongsanan.

Yeah, Numsaknoi has beaten Samkor, Pajunsuk, and Kaolan....He has to be rated in the top 3 for Thais in his weight division. I believe he's the Lumpinee Champion at 147 lbs.

If K-1 or Super League doesn't sign Jomhod soon, it'll be too bad.....I really hope K-1 doesn't wait a couple years so Jomhod's way past his prime.

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