Krav Maga in Montreal

Hi guys, a Krav Maga class is now being offered at Tristar Gym in Montreal.  I have gotten allot of emails in the last few months asking if I knew of any KM classes in MTL and well, now I do.




This never ceases to amaze me. The Instructors in this franchise go to L.A. for at best 2 weeks traing. What a joke, a little better that Thai Bo. Gun and Knife defence taught to rookies by rookies. With of course bad Muay Thai thrown in for good measure. Give me a break.

The instructor is NOT from the LA group.  He is not affiliated with them.  He is a former soldier from Israel and was trained by the IDF as an instructor.


Think of the hot chicks it pulls, dude. WTF cares about the rest. Certainly not Mozen... ;)