Krav Maga vs "hood' ??

Did anyone see the new Celebrity Fit Club? They did a workout with Krav Maga and afterwards the instructor was talking about surprise attacks when an asst surprised attacked Tocarra (sp?)

Anyway, she threw his ass around like nothing. Then she admitted everything they just learned went right out the window and she just went hood on him.

It was pretty impressive, but I would have let her throw me around too. She is pretty hot for a big un.

their vids for tonight's shows aren't up yet I guess. I have been looking

Extremely hot

most people have raw fighting skills from the hood

i'd hit it

that wasnt real Krav Maga...that was a system called commando krav maga which was developed by an Israeli judo coach. The only thing it has in common with krav maga is the name which is misleading.