Krav Maga?

I just took a new job and there happens to be a martial arts facility near by that has Krav Maga classes. Any thoughts on training in Krav Maga? Do they train with aliveness? Thanks.

Probably not, but check it out and see. Krav Maga is definitely a "buyer beware" program. The have a lot of fancy marketing to push their product and it sways a lot of people. In general, the Krav Maga that is taught in America is not the REAL Krav Maga. I've never seen the "real thing", but it is supposedly very hard core and can just about only be found in Israel.

A lot of schools that teach "Krav Maga" are actually teaching an accumulation of poorly taught Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and Kali. Which only makes it a poorly run MMA gym. If you want MMA, go find it.

There is a thread on Krav Maga in the Roy Harris Expert Q&A forum. Check that for my extended opinion (and also Roy's) on KM.


I agree with JKDFIGHTER. There is such a wide margin for quality associated with KM training due to it's mass marketing, it is smart to do some research before making a commitment.

Some KM programs are run out of TKD schools where the instructors attend a week long course that they were guaranteed to graduate from. If you can verify someone's qualifications, check it out.

I did a course several years ago with Moti Horenstein (very cool guy). While not an official Krav Maga (TM) instructor, I believe he would be more than qualified to represent the system. Lot's of reps with little or no resistance and very little sparring. I think he has a hand in that new F.I.G.H.T. program you see ads for in Grappling mag.

I don't believe in Krav Maga. Who they actually fight? Poor and oppressed Palestinian? I believe in battle tested arts such as Boxing, BJJ,Judo, Wrestling,Muay Thai and Kali.


I first saw Richard Douieb's tape about Krav Maga and thought it was very nice (and i still think so). Then, some months later i saw an american video of krav maga and wondered if this was a joke or not. If you're interested, try to get ahold of this tape: "Richard Douieb - Selfdefense Krav Maga" it's in french but the demonstrations speak for themselves.

Personally I have difficulties imagining someone starting from 0 and learn Krav Maga as a standalone fighting system. It's a perfect way to add a touch of no-gloves combat realism to your overall muay thai/boxing/bjj game but it takes alot of attributes like speed, power and control. Maybe that's where the bad Krav Maga reputation comes from: instructors failing to build those basics and teaching their students mere movements without a strong base.