Krazy Horse vs. Gomi in Bushido!

in main event!

Krazy Horse will be tooled.. like he was against that Japanese fighter did to him in KOTC

"that Japanese fighter" is Takumi and he will fight Charlie Kohler in November for the vacant ltwt. betl because Stevenson gave up the belt due to his rib injuries.

Takumi x Kohler will Rock!!!! On PPV!!!

does anyone have the full card?

i'm rooting for Krazy Horse, but Gomi has to be the favorite

wow.. that would be crazy seeing Kohler vs Takumi

Kohler will make a big impact in the 155 division.

Fastest hands and double-leg I have ever seen

Are you serious? Well congrats to Krazy Horse for making it to the big time. He won't win this one though, but I'm happy for him.

I'm agreeing with Green Whale. Personally, I think its a stupid match up. Gomi is way to much for Krazy Horse right now.

gomi is going to ruin his at this fight.

Are you kidding me can anyone confirm this?

"can anyone confirm this?"

This was announced in Japan about a week ago.

I am not a fan of Krazy horse.. I think he is grossly overated.

I am a fan. Good luck Krazy Horse! Gomi is a hell of tough fight and Bennett will certainly be the underdog - but I'm picking him to win by a slam followed by several hard strikes that will leave Gomi dazed. HeHe Yeah, it probably won't happen, but I'm crossing my fingers!

Jason D,

This is 100% for real.


Gomi is gonna steal his bread.


I love the Krazy Horse,Anyone who doesn't must lead a sad sheltered existance. but Gomi????

Oh man, Charles, good luck bro'.

Poor Krazy.

Damn Chris thats is crazy u got the connections anyway hit me up sometime you can email me at we always have fighters ready to fight. or call mike for my number.

I just feel sorry for the poor people who have to sit next to the Horse on that long ass flight. God help them if he starts talking.