Krazy Horse Vs. Nuri Shakir UFC

I'd like to see this fight. Both have similar styles. you can say that about both of these know it would be entertaining They both fight at 155lbs.

I would give the win to Nuri...but I think it would be one of the most entertaining undercard fights the UFC has ever seen.

I think Nuri is 170lbs....he would utterly destroy KH

Nuri has fought at 155lbs a few times.

Krazy Horse is a joke... keep his stupid antics in the joke KOTC.

Nuri is a beast at 170.

Worst post eva

I could see Nuri getting a UFC shot, maybe against Goulet or Nick Thompson, but Krazy Horse? Please, that guy is a joke.

I agree...Nuri would be perfect for TUF

Rob McCullough said on the latest Beatdown broadcast that he though he would be fighting Krazy Horse in the next couple months in WEC.  I believe that is what he said, can anyone confirm or deny this?

LOL. Josh, who does?