Krazy Horse vs Shad Smith

The best fight ever is going down Friday, February 20th at Soboba Casino.

Charels "Krazy Horse" Bennett Vs Shad Smith

This is going to rock


155lbs title Fight:

Joe Stevenson vs Marcos Aurelio.

Good matchup... two victims of Bang Ludwig.

Peter P

Is Joe really down to 155lbs? I have never seen him look under 170lbs

*Hoping for a big slam* :) !

Joe is under 155lbs but is a serious weight cutter

Krazy Horse gassed hard againt Bang.

SWEET fight. Charles Bennett has the most exciting slams in MMA (yes even including Hughes)... Well apart from that CRAZED look he has on his face LOL.

Good luck Krazy Horse, Slam that boy good.

i think the winner should fight Robert Emerson!! If they think they can stand with him.

Marcus Aurelio is one tought MF.Doing a tournement and a single fight in a little over a month.

hey chris don't forget i will be there fighting also.
i am fighting manny tappia from javi's school.

email me when you get a chance please

chad washburn

did u notice shads shoes when he fought bang?? just regular street shoes. kinda odd....

max power I totally agree. Shad had some Van's skateboard shoes on.

I will be in KOREA, but would love to fight Thomas Denny who is duckign the Cannon on a KOTC card~!
TTT for KOTC~!

Go Shad.