Krispy Kreme Breath? WTF?

Someone beat Merchant's ass, please.

its was in his pre-fight

Johnson had big breasts and stretch marks all over his sides. He embarassed himself not Merchant.

LOL, Erich. Johnson must of looked like a pregnant woman.

How 'bout using a Michael Jackson song for entrance music?! TF's up with that??!!

Hey, I just had a Krispy Kreme for the first time the other day and those suckers are damn good!

That being said, JOhnson is a slug.

I don't know what to say about that gut Johnson was sporting.

I haven't been back in the boxing gym since early October, but at that time Johnson had been in training for this fight for a few weeks. He was working hard and didn't appear to have that much fat on him.

"I thought he did good for himself, he was just overmatched"

An in shape Johnson wouldn't have been overmatched. And how can you say he did good for himself when he came in grossly out of shape and got KTFO in the second round?

Johnson better hope he can get his ass in shape cuz he's going to need the money after blowing his career earnings at Krispy Kreme's and Burger Kings over the last couple of months.

Johnson looked like the fat dude from Road Rules
who was beat up the skinny white dude. Donell?

That's what he said "that whale has been harpooned".
This guy needs a kicking,i guarentee he uses his
advanced age to get away with some of those
comments.If i'm working a corner at a fight he's
doing,i'm leaving the f*cking spit bucket on the steps
to the ring for his ass.

"How 'bout using a Michael Jackson song for entrance music?! TF's up with that??!!"

Sugar Ray did it against LaLonde. Lalonde laying KTFO while "Bad"

T0ki...I think he was referencing the recent child molestation charges. Why would he play a Michael Jackson song with those accusations going on? There were about 15 people watching the fight and everybody busted out laughing when they were talking about "the whale being harpooned" I thought Lampley said that though, not Merchant. The Krispy Kreme breath thing was a bit off.


quik - Exactly. With Jackson's legal situation being a dark cloud (and coupled, of course, with his inherent gayness), how could Kirk enter the ring with that song? I knew he would lose right then and there.

quik...thanks....LMAO..I didn't know that twist.