Kron Gracie Stats

Hey guys, this will be one of our last in a series of small studies on top competitors. Kron Gracie is soo different from everyone else, we wanted to take some time to really break him down. He is a submission hunter through and through. Check-out some of the other things we found that make him so much different…

Who should be the last person we profile for “It’s Science”? 

love how simple but effective his game is.

 He gets after it for sure.  Fun to watch

To me, it's crazy how often he wins even though he often puts himself in a vunerable position from the start


He scored first in only 6 of his 15 recorded matches
His average match length was approximately 5:53
75% of his matches we observed were won by submission
6 out of 8 of his submissions were some kind of choke
We never recorded him offensively using any version of x-guard, de la riva, 50/50, or spider guard
50% of his submissions were chokes from the back Phone Post

Always loved watching him roll / compete. As a brown belt he was absolutely devastating. Phone Post

I was at the 2008 Pans when he submitted everyone in his division and the absolute. Even though it was at brown belt, I think it might be one of the most awesome moments in jiu jitsu.

 Rafael Mendes. He should be the next guy for your study or you can add GUI as well for a Mendes Bros.  study.  What do you say? 

Who the hell is Rodolpho Vieira? Phone Post

Ttt for Jacare Souza or Roger for the final breakdown. Phone Post

I second Jacare. Phone Post

I 3rd Jacare Phone Post

 Neat article/site.