Kron On Exclusive Metamoris Contract

At the press conference they just announced that Kron was on an exclusive Metamoris contract and won't be competing under IBJJF anymore. I don't like the sound of this at all & it's an obvious attempt to battle front IBJJF...

Here's the thing though, what would Metamoris be if not for active IBJJF competitors? And, where would they pull their talent from if IBJJF did they same to them and signed exclusives with their black belts?

I think if Metamoris sticks to submission only (none of this Dec nonsense) and Got away from "freak fights" with names like Brandon Schaub they could attracted some serious competitors Phone Post 3.0

Kron did say he may fight ADCC. Also, Ralek said they'd never do this so close to the Mundials and that the fighters initially were not supposed to be at the mundials if they were to be at metamoris Phone Post 3.0

I think that they are looking to build that following for metamoris and soon they will host them in other towns accompanied by a Metamoris tournament. This is going to be a way to compete with the ibjjf head on at some point. Just my .02. Phone Post 3.0

one is a paying event the other they fight free. make sense to have pros under contact.

I'm a little disappointed that Kron won't compete in the Mundials only because I'd like to see him win a world title then do this full time. I think it gives Metamoris more credibility if he were to do that.

IBJJF tourneys need competition. The smaller tourneys are good in their own right however, do not provide much competition as Metamoris does. I am glad to see it.

Despite my criticism at Metamoris, this is a great move and I hope they succeed. F the IBJJF, their perpetual foot fights and shitty rules.

You can not have your champion in other orgs fighting. Keeping Kron exclusive is a good move.

No one at the top of their game in IBJJF is going to pick Metamoris exclusively. Out of all those guys that fought Sunday, how many signed the exclusive contract? My guess is only Kron.

I don't mind. I'm not a huge fan of the ibjjf rules. I'd prefer if the metamoris rule set took over Phone Post 3.0

Looks like mm II was good for biz on the ug. Lots of new posters

checkuroil - I don't mind. I'm not a huge fan of the ibjjf rules. I'd prefer if the metamoris rule set took over Phone Post 3.0

Honestly I didn't see anything that revolutionary about this Metamoris when it came to the rules. I saw a lot of stalling, two draws and only one submission out of six matches. You think that's better than IBJJF? It's a good idea but they need to change a lot of things.

Anyone know the old gracie rules? Seems like there was a stalling rule after a certain amount of time on top with out advancing the players had to switch positions?

I think that mm2 just showed that a point based system like the IBJJF is better, but that the IBJJF system just needs some modifications eg:
-no advantages, maybe pts only for dominant positions
-no ties, sudden death OT
-reaping, etc legal at the highest levels.

They tacitly admit that when they brought in judges. It's either sub only or have judges who will use some criteria which is essentially their own pt system.

Don't get me wrong. I think that there's a place for both of them from an entertainment perspective.

This could be good news for BJJ.

If Metamoris starts cutting into IBJJF profits, I expect they will try to improve their approach. Maybe they start ditching some of their 3rd world shady behavior?

Competition between orgs can be a win for us....

The athletes are being paid in metamoris right? Who are the investors and is it generating a return on investment yet? If not its going to be short lived.

I hope it survives to compete against the ibjjf. Phone Post

Gracies and I forget the money guys name. 1st 1 didn't make money but the arena looked full for this one.

Guy putting up the cash trains at atos and gracie academy from waht I hear. And thats where the idea came from. He was telling ralek how the atos guys call out their points when rolling and laughing abt it because he is older rec player I think.