Kron wins Pan Am brown Absolute

Fr Gracie Magazine- 

At brown belt there’s just no beating him. Under the watchful eye of father Rickson, Kron Gracie strolled through the opposition in the fighting area of the California State University gymnasium, stage for the 2008 Jiu-Jitsu Pan-American. Middleweight Kron didn’t pay heed to a single opponent, submitting them all in the five fights on his way to absolute gold.

In the decision, the victim would be Christopher Moriarty, Alliance representative. At around one minute of fighting, Kron got the takedown and quickly went on to catch his adversary in an armbar. Euphoric, the brown belt ran to celebrate with his father.

This was the first title for Kron in the absolute brown belt category. Normally, for being considered too light for the contest without a weight limit, he would prefer to give precedence to beating the athletes in his category.

Rickson stated he does not yet intend to give his son the highest promotion in competition Jiu-Jitsu.

"Although Kron is doing everything he should be doing, or in other words, is giving his best, I think I'll still keep him at brown for awhile, at the Worlds he'll still be at brown. I'm doing this because when he gets to black, there's no going back, and I want him to face the top black belts with maximum experience. "

I shot a little video of him and Rickson I'll post up later.

Guy should be a blackbelt belt. Classic Rickson sandbagging.

ttt for a vid.

It is not the matches.  It is Rickson talking to kron between. I stood behind them for an hour waiting, and they still didn't go.  I couldn't take the wait ;-)


Rickson basically admits that he is sandbagging.

All lame troll attempts will be ignored :-)

"I'm doing this because when he gets to black, there's no going back,..."

Even Rickson agrees...when you go black, there ain't no goin' back...for surz!

Kron is definately a guy who could tap your average black belt. But when he enters black belt competition, he can go up against black belts with 10 years more experience than he has had before.

I don't think this is a case of sandbagging.

"Kron is definately a guy who could tap your average black belt."

If he can tap black belts, is he not black belt level?

Just because he may not be able to tap EVERY black belt he may face in compettition doesn't mean he's not at black belt level, IMO. Holding him back because of that seems like sandbagging to me. Especially if he is crushing everybody at brown belt. JMO.

rickson explained his reasoning...he knows is far more qualified as not only a representative of BJJ, but also as kron's instructor to decide when he gets promoted...and how can you be sandbagging at brown belt level in the absolute division as a middleweight?

any updates on TPK?

I know Rickson is more qualified than me to decide...I just stated my opinion. Sometimes the whole criteria for black belt just seems crazy to me. Who promoted Carlos and Helio to black belt, and how long did it take them?

"Besides, just because you're the best brown belt in the world doesn't mean you're a black belt."

Actually, that's exactly what it means.

Congrats to Kron, impressive performance.

no, just because you could beat a black belt does not mean that you are a black belt. Ryan Hall has beaten black belts...and lost to purple belts. You are a black belt when your teacher tells you that you are and ties the belt around your waste. And not a second before.

Uh oh, the BJJ police have arrived to regulate.

Kron continues to submit all of his competitors. Rarely do you hear about Chris Moriarty losing and by an armbar no less.

Kron has the middleweight brown belt division today, it will be interesting to see if he can continue winning by sub.

Being the best brown belt in the world > beating a black belt.

Being the best brown belt IN THE WORLD makes a fairly strong case for being a black belt, no?

yes, does make a fairly strong case. but last time I checked neither you or I are rickson, and not kron's instructor.