Krystal Ball destroys Bill Maher on his own show, unites the left & right on Twitter

another issue i have with krystal ball is that her voice is so peaky and bright. its to a point that i have to turn the volume down when i listen to every episode as it hurts my ears
also, one other thing ive noticed is that they are over the top “pro union”. they push the unionisation/ pro worker angle so much. maybe its a specific usa cultural issue. if it isnt starbucks, its amazon, or john deere workers. i just find it highly annoying

Yeah, I catch their show’s sound bites in my feed. They sometimes stick to the middle ground. I still watch Joe Rogan sound bites vs going to Spotify. I try to watch Tim Pool on occasion, but tune out pretty quick depending on the guests. I like the Polish guy who’s on there and anything that Ian says makes me feel ok about myself. He will start with a sentence or two, then go into multiple conspiracy theories. “We need to boil the ocean for energy!”

Anywho, I’d also like to contribute to this thread by mentioning that Kyle looks like his head was shrunken by the Beetlejuice universe. (Kyle on far right)

michael keaton shrunken head GIF