Krzysztof Soszynski

loves the kimura.

WAR Krzysztof!!! Phone Post


Hes about to kill it Phone Post


I seem to have been mistaken Phone Post


Got lit up!!! Phone Post

Glass Chin Soszynski out cold for a good 20 seconds. I think that's the beginning of the end for him.

damn, dude got smashed

didn't see it coming,.

Usually don't complain about this but did Yves stop this fight too late? Don't recall the exact fight but I remember a few years back he also cost a fighter some additional damage. Not gonna throw him under the bus but this fight could have been stopped about 5 or 6 clean shots earlier. He was clearly out of the fight way before Yves jumped in. That said congrats to Igor on the impressive win. Croatia's got 2 good young fighters in the UFC. Phone Post

God dam I missed it Phone Post

0-2 this month for reign training center with this loss and mayhem's.