KSW fighters to fight for a 5th time in BW title fight

I know Arlovski and Sylvia fought 4x but I’ve never seen a five fights series in pro MMA before.

Hell, we didn’t even get Renzo vs Newton III after they both won a split decision.

Wiklacz beat Przbysz by UD then got TKOed by him then beat him by split decision and then they fought to a draw.

First time for everything in MMA I guess.

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Moreno and Figueirdo fought 4 times aswell.

KSW giving us all the fights we want.

When is Kendall Grove - Michel Materla 3???

Or Michal Materla - Jay Silva 4???

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True about Moreno. Edit after I read your post as "Was Grove vs Materla 3?, not “when”…

I was hoping KSW would have a good show this Sat… could have made it an old school MMA bender with 300… like we used to do for UFC and PRIDE/DREAM. That was fun doing that once in a while.

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We might get Poatan vs Izzy 5

5 has to be the MMA match/rematch record, unless there’s some obscure Midwest USA matchup that could tie it…