KTFO Responds

We have not responded to Mayhem’s allegations up until this point simply because we do not resolve our problems by engaging in bitching sessions on forums. But, it appears that you all believe our silence is an admission of guilt on our part. It is not. You will all believe what you want, and we cannot change that. That much we have learned. But, I think we have all probably learned in life that there are always two sides to every story. Were there mistakes made? Yes, but they were made by all parties. There were fights not fought, contracts not signed, payments made and then stopped for services that were not rendered and miscommunications on all ends. We want to pursue the issue and find some resolution, but we plan to do it in a professional manner, not by going back and forth on an MMA Forum. Obviously, Mayhem does not feel the same way. If Mayhem truly wants to resolve this with us, we would hope that he would call us and speak to us directly, not act like a child making false accusations on forums. It does not resolve anything. Jason Miller, if you really want to resolve this in a professional manner, stop trying to get our attention by bullying us on the forums, pick up the phone and we can try to work this out, but this is not the way to resolve anything.



You don't engage in bitching in MMA forums...under your real name anyways! Your brother pittcurtin lied about who he was to try and run damage control, and there are a number of other conspicuous new members who gasp support KTFO!

Care to respond to any of that, or are you going to wait and figure out how to spin it for yourself first?


I will respond to you and then i'm off. Yes, Pittcurtin is my brother and yes, he always has my back. That's what family is supposed to do and i'm grateful for it. As for the other supporters, I don't know who they are but I appreciate their support. Obviously, anyone who supports us will be viewed as suspicious by yourself and others, that just seems to be the way it is and there is nothing I can do or say to change that. Thanks again to the people who support us.

KTFO, good post. I would leave it be now. These boards can suck you in. Do what you need to do, that's real power and real business. I always tell my clients, don't waste valueable business resources and time on these boards. I work with a company that has 30,000 investors. A handful, like here, post. That does not represent the entire community.

Keep the faith guys. Hope it works out for you.

Steve, you're a joke like the rest here. Do you know KTFO? Were you involved in the business aspects of what Miller is accusing KTFO of, and do you know the details and why's? But you post to say they are shady and don't pay up? Have you spoken to other fighters who fields pays or works with? So lets see, one disgruntled fighter whines on a message board, and you sit there and make assumptions and accusations based on.....? "Miller says so". I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E

Once again, proving my point.

Get a life boys...you need a real hobby...lol. or maybe a job! ha ha..lol....

holly dolly!

Is that really him?

Adonis- can you email me at RobertEMrotek2@aol.com...have some business questions to ask you bro.


bj/cabb The shirt was never up for sale. We put it up to get some feedback on mma.tv. In the contract that mayhem never signed it states that we can make a shirt .The profits are split 50/50 with him.The shirt was sent to his manager for approval.

I don't see a bright future for KTFO.

yojimbo71 I guess that just hurts the fighters ?

Thanks for responding Chris, but you failed to address the fact that your brother lied about who he was and what his affiliation with you is. Do you not understand how this completely undermines your own credibility?

This seems to be the spin - ignore all the blatant facts that damage your position, then relentlessly attack what you feel is a weak point of contention.

Had you really had nothing at all to hide, or had done nothing at all wrong, it most certainly shouldn't have taken you this long to step up and speak - so the fact that you didn't do this tells me that either:

1.) Your business sense is horrible

2.) You really did fuck Mayhem over, and you were just hoping all this smoke and mirror shit was going to make all of this go away.

 mp When did i say i didn't know anyone from KTFO ?

"In the contract that mayhem never signed it states that we can make a shirt ."

Just how DUMB are you exactly????

The contract was never signed, but you carried on anyhow? Fuck sonny. I'm gonna write a contract and send it to my landlord saying Im dont have to pay anymore rent. he won't sign it, but thats ok, cause I've got the great KTFO as a precedant that its possible to do things without both parties signing.

Kindly let your brother sort things out before you carry on making both of you looking like village idiots

KTFOPROMO, you title this thread "KTFO Responds," and you write that there are two sides to every story, but then you don't give your side of the story. Sounds sort of like Michael Jackson saying the same thing...don't judge until you hear his side, then doesn't give his side.

All Jason Miller had to do is call you, but don't you have his number, his e-mail, or any way of contacting him yourself? Why post on here if you're not going to clear things up?

Give your side of the story, and just be honest, direct, and to the point, unless you're just trying to be like a politician or PR person and just play around with words to muddy things up.


With acts of bad faith to the industry like attempting to trademark "NHB," KTFO will always have explaining to do as long as they're around.

"In the contract that mayhem never signed it states that we can make a shirt"

OK, so what? No contract.


Silk...My bad...I should have worded that better. The contract negotiations with Mayhem were ongoing. It was rewritten three times because of changes he wanted made to it, which we did. One of the things that was in every contract and to which they were fully agreeable to was that we could make the shirt and sell it as long as the profit was split 50/50. The contract was finalized and ready to be signed. We sent the shirt over to his manager and he was going to send over the licensing agreement. We put the shirt up to preview it and it was not for sale yet, nor would it have been until we had signed the licensing agreement. You guys have no idea how much time, energy and money Craig has put into this. You really don't know and all you guys do is beat him up. He is sincerely trying to help the fighters, but no one seems to get that.You know what, I'm done trying to explain. I have to go back to work. I really hope Craig and Mayhem can work this out, but I have to go do my job.

"Sounds to me like Mayhem didn't fight or wear the clothes during his fight.

I am no fan of KTFO, but it looks like they are in the right here. Found on Shit sport "

That was pittcuttains post yesterday on a thread that was deleted. Can someone explain? I asked pitt about it and stated on the same thread that Craig said in Vegas that pittcurtain was his brother. pitt never replied, but hereon this thread Craig admits that it is his brother.

So now what pitt? You don't support the company and think it is a joke or you got caught coming on here and trying to play it off as a thrid party? This is one reason why the integrity of KTFO gets called into question.

The suspicious names are all people with 0-10 posts coming on to bash us for not believeing KTFO. Remember some of us have been here a long time and can smell bullshit a mile away and we smell it now.

LOL @ KTFO calling anyone out for acting in a professional manner. I know for sure of an instance when KTFO did not act professionaly yet they will come on here and tell someone else to act a certain way.

Mp I took that post from fightsport Dumbass