I guess that Craig from KTFO fought against one of the owners of Gammo-O? When did this happen? Props to both of them for getting in there and settling their beef like men.

From John from Gammo-O's Myspace page:

Round 1 Big Props to Craig. He fought better than I expected. The first round I threw a sloppy kick where he caught it and took me down. He got on top but inflicted little to no damage. I then rolled him over and landed a few big punches before he tied my arms up and I could not punch. I then stood up and let him stand up as well. We tied up and I landed a flurry of body shots and then a knee to the head. As the round ended I landed 2 more punches to the face.

Round 2 We were both exhausted. After I landed a few more punches he tried to take me down. I held him down and punched his ribs. Then we stood up again and I came in with more punches he again went in for the take down catching one ankle. I held his head to the canvas with my left and pounded him in the ribs with the right. After 15 seconds the ref told him he would stop the fight if he did not improve him position. I then started to knee his ribs and punch more and more until the ref stopped the fight do to excessive strikes and him being unable to defend himself.

I guess the pictures are somewhat pointless now, I just found the video :)

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If the above video doesn't work


Good lord the gamma-o guy is freaking huge.

Why the bad blood?

There are no steroids in MMA.

WPB, when was your last cage fight?

Just what I thought. Another dickhead spouting anonymous bullshit.

Next time you feel like posting shit about someone, use your real name, post your pic, etc.


You are a hypocrite. Remember the thread discussing Fisher VS OMA's buddy?


"You are a hypocrite. Remember the thread discussing Fisher VS OMA's buddy?"

I said that the fight wouldn't last 2 min. I didn't diss the guy for fighting. Anyone who knows me knows that I have 100% respect for fighters. I've talked to Fabes and we are 100% cool with what was said. We've discussed it. And saying a fight won't last 2 min is the same as betting on a fight, imo. I didn't dis Wiman. He's 100% balls to take the fight and I wish him (and OMA!) well.

holla at a playa when you see him in the street


These guys both don't seem very talented and the victor of this bout admitted he was gassed in one round. So I think its ok to poke a little fun at a notorious shady business man and a seemingly roided up MMA clothing company owner's fight.

"why do you have to start pulling out that gay innuendo?"

Why can't YOU come up with anything other than fat or gay jokes? If you're so secure, then let's see your pic so the UG can critique it. Didn't think so. Stay a moron who regurgitates the same old shit from 6 years ago.

Sorry, RHM...I'm pretty busy drinking my steak and chicken protein shakes this afternoon. I'm going camping this weekend, but I should have something for you by the end of the month.

Did you guys see that Yellow stuff flying out at the end when Craig was getting hit in the liver?


How bout Nogi VS another gear owner


nice strategy, pray like a muslim hoping your opponent keels over from exhaustion whilst beating on ya

yeah nogi should fight Tapout and get fucked up by Mask