Kudos to BigWilliam - How's everyone doing?

BigWilliam asked a great question in another thread, so let's all chime in:

How's everyone doing?


First off, I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. My heart goes out to everyone who's being financially stressed right now.

In my neck of the woods (PNW) we were described as a "hot spot" for a while. I've been working from home since March (thank goodness I can work from home) so I'm ready to be done with this "house arrest" stuff. I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way. Just looking around the neighborhood, I'd guess only 10% of people are wearing masks and the social distancing thing is pretty sketchy - there's a lot of interaction that's within 6 feet. 

I'm pretty worried about small businesses. For example, I don't know if my local comic book shop is going to be able to reopen, and I'm pretty concerned about the MA gyms. I chatted with one of the owners of the BJJ school, and was told they are doing ok, but I could easily see schools closed down for good. Two months without any income is brutal. Popping in on the BJJ subforum, there are folks wondering if schools will ever be able to reopen, give the close contact.

While I can't train, I'm super fortunate that a buddy of mine loaned me a kettlebell, so I've been able to get some fitness in each day. It's not a lot, but it's something. (Dan John's 10,000 swing program has been a life saver)

Overall, I would say I'm pretty stressed but (mostly) coping. I know I'm stressed out. I know I'm over-reacting to things, and think (hope) it's good that I recognize that. But I have been prone to boredom: I start reading a book, and decide I don't want to read anymore, so I switch to Netflix and can't find anything I want to watch, so I switch to Amazon Prime, and can't find anything, so back to the book...wash, rise, repeat for an hour.

I'm originally from the Midwest, so I've heard of "cabin fever". Well, this is the first time I've experienced it, and it's not fun at all.

Well work from home is a thing for me, so on that front things are great. Have changed me workouts from gym time to almost entirely DDPYoga and walking. In a crazy twist DDPYoga has fixed my neck! Or at least if not fixed made it feel a hundred times better.

Am worried about all the economic troubles but more worried about this pandemic taking off and really building up steam. Around here things are good on that front. Hospitals are not getting crushed so it's working so far.

Hitting the grocery when needed, no food issues even though TP is still hard to find for some fucking reason. Was shocked to see my name on a thread! Thanks Paw.

Little bit worried about my job, but apart from that everything is fine. I've been lazy as hell regarding workouts only doing 2 or 3 days a week also DDP yoga.

I've been taking this time to catalog my Star Wars action figures and see what I'm missing, what I have and setting up bags with the small loose crap that the figure doesn't hold or just look like shit (imo).

Hope things go well for you guys and your families.

Make the workout your own! I did diamond cutter and energy back to back today! And I was really freaking tired by the end.