Kudos to Kipp, Joe, and NAGA

Arround here is seems like any time someone says something nice about someone else you get called a butt munch (or something worse !) but I'm gonna do it anyway.

I've been going to more and more events and last weekend went to Kipp's Reality Fighting show.

1.) Kirik reffed the fights and I loved seeing a reff who knew when NOT to stop a fight. (Meaning if the fighter got hit but was NOT hurt, he got a chance to recover. )

2.) Joe Cuff did a great job with the match-making. There were some clear winners but no mis-matches even on a full card.

3.) Kipp worked soop to nuts. In addition to making sure everyone was happy he was fixing the ring lights, video taping some of the fights, etc.

2 big kudos to Kipp.

First, he ran a 50/50 raffle to bennefit an MMA coach and his wife who are batteling cancer. Illness keeps her from working and he lost his job becuase of the time it was taking to take wis wife to the doctor.

The raffle raised $1000 whicvh will keep them from loosing their house (at least for another month.

On a personal note - Kipp provided me with great Press Access.

You'd be suprised atthe number of shows that make getting press access a real pain in the ass.

Kipp personally placede me ringside and told me what was aloowed and what was not.

Catalyzing publicity (which they really don't need to do) is not only good for the sport but good for the fighters.

I've been suppriosed at the number of people who have contacted me for the photos.

So.... Thanks Kipp, Joe & Kirik

My first thanks go to the 28 guys who each and every one fought their hearts out to the best of their ability.

Was humbling.

Huge thanks to Kipp for letting us run the 50/50 raffle to help us out.  It will not be forgotten!!

Big props also to a VERY well-run, well-organized MMA event.