kuksulwon vs. hapkido belts

Does anyone know and can describe the belts systems of these two Korean martial arts? What are the colors and what is the sequence, and what are the criteria for each one?




I don't train in either but from what I gather, Hapkido is pretty fragmented organization-wise (World Hapkido Federation, Ji Han Jae's organization, Pellegrini's Combat Hapkido, Bong Soo Han's organization, etc) so I'm pretty sure the belt requirements/colors are fairly different from one organization to the other.

I can say that my old school (World Hapkido Fed) used:

White, Yellow, Orange, High Orange (w/ stripe), Green, High Green, Blue, High Blue, Red, High Red, Black.

white , yellow, green , blue, red, black. i did both and the rankings were the same. sin moo hapkido,and moo duk kwan (tang soo do TKD )