Kultar Gill vs. David Goulet!!!!

David Goulet's first title defense should be against Kultar Gill. Gill beat Ouimet in 1:35, he's beat Dolan in 2:05 while being outweight by 25 lbs., and beat SFU national wrestling champ in under 2:00 and dominated UFC lightweight contender Yves Edwards. Gill is top lightweight in Canada and should be fighting for the Canadian title if not the world title.

Just curious to which wrestler he beat?

Gill is a killer but I've heard he's out of fighting for a while due to a back injury. IMO he should be fighting for a world title.

I heard the same about Kultar's back...and I wouldn't recommend he fight Goulet.

It's not worth it for him. If he's healthy, he should consider Duane Ludwig.

Gill IMO is the best LW in the Country. He is back and training hard. He is very strong and his standup is awesome. The return of Kultar Gill will wreak havok on not only the Canadain MMa scene but the world as well. Goulet or Ludwig, it don't matter.Kultar will take the belt back to the west coast.
BTW the wrestler was Dave Scholten

Blake.. great to hear that Gill is back and healthy. I loved his fight against Ouimet and can't wait to see him again. A lot of great talent in Canada at 155!

The canadian title is beneath Kultar and my guess is that TKO won't give him a world title shot cuz he is not from the east coast. Goulet is good as well but Kultar has nothing to gain by fighting him just as most of the matchmaking in TKO does more to hold back the top canadians than anything else

ojja, trust me when I say I know for a fact that if Kultar was healthy he would have likely faced Bang Ludwig at the last TKO show.

West Coast, East Coast.. doesn't matter, Gill is awesome and everyone knows it. He can match up with any lightweight in the world.

If Kultar is ready to fight again, the TKO team needs to set up something with Duane. This is a fight I would love to see happen and I think alot of other MMA fans would also. In my opinion, Goulet is not much of a fight for Kultar. Gill needs to be fighting with the big boys.

Kultar Gill Vs. Duane "BANG" Ludwig

Lets make it happen.

Blake you have no facking clue what you're talking about, and you are a light heavy posing as lightweight, that being said... Gill IMO is the best LW in the Country. He is back and training hard. He is very strong and his standup is awesome. The return of Kultar Gill will wreak havok on not only the Canadain MMa scene but the world as well. Goulet or Ludwig, it don't matter.Kultar will take the belt back to the west coast. BTW the wrestler was Dave Scholten.



I've always thought about a match-up between Gill
and Ludwig. That would be an amazing fight.

Ludwig and Gill will NEVER happen on the TKO and I don't even have to explain why.

I think the Ludwig and Gill fight will happen because I recall a post from Stephane about Gill getting a shot at the world title if he wins the Canadian title first. In my opinion, that is exactly what should happen. Kultar has not been in the spot light for about a year due to his injury. He should fight Goulet in the next TKO and if he wins, which I am very positive he will, he should get a shot at Duane for the world title belt where once again i am very positive Gill will make Canadians proud by bring the title back home. Just as a final statement ... Kultar Gill will win both titles if given the chance to do so. I guarn-damn-tee it.

motor, since when has ucc/tko ever lived up to a promised title shot????

ttt for Kultar Gill's return. VERY respectful, VERY talented fighter.

Gill not facing Goulet isn't a Quebec thing in my opinion. It's just
that Gill is a level higher (at least) than Goulet. Gill should get a
shot at an experienced international fighter for World title not a
young fighter that has yet to make a mark.

As for the Quebec comments, all I can say is get a life guys. Sure a
promoter will overprotect his favourites or locals. That happens
EVERYWHERE. Not just in Quebec. Some sound like a broken
record here. We're talking MMA here, not constitutional
Next thing I'll read on here is that Quebec is responsible for the

.... waiting for jokester to post that Quebec is responsible for
plague. ;-)

Yes I agree every show has favorites but the problem is that UCC/TKO has promised title shots to many fighters in different weight classes to guys out west and I am sure out east too with those promises ALWAYS being broken. It took me for ever to get Gary Armbrust out there promises have been made to Mahood, Max Marin, Jason Townes Bruckman and that's just a few for titles there is a lot more fights that were promised as being a done deal and then not happening. Then the majority being filled with fighters that Patry controls. Now Louiseau and St. Pierre who both deserve to be in the UFC are there but what about the other talent you think TKO has went to bat for them or given them fights that could get them to the next level ? Why should Gill or Mahood fight for a title that will get them NOWHERE they deserve international fights not to be held back along with a handful of other fighters. They don't need to give everybody big opportunities but there are a few that TKO has consintantly low balled and made promises that were never made good. If Stephan would just do what he says and not offer it to too many people there wouldn't be a problem. Also I seem to recall Ludwig saying he wouldn't fight on TKO anymore now that problem may have been cleared up and hopefully it has but I still say TKO wouldn't give it to Gill which is unfortunate cuz it would be stand up war.

ojja, you may not know me, but the people who do know where I'm coming from. I don't want to get into the promises to Mahood, Bruckman, etc... but I do want to talk about Kultar Gill.

TKO will give Kultar Gill a shot he rightfully deserves once he's healthy (which according to Blake, he is). TKO has wanted Gill on the card (against Goulet or Ludwig) for the last two cards, but his injury didn't allow that to happen. TKO has big plans for Gill and they probably would have happened if Gill wasn't injured. I know this for a fact.

I'm not hear to defend anyone, or anything like that. So please do not take my words to mean anything else either than when I know something is blatantly incorrect, I feel I should try to correct the situation, whomever is involved. TKO may have made some mistakes in the past, but not with Gill.

Alex Caporicci

I respect your point of view but I still remain skeptikal and will believe it when I see it

Also this is not meant to offend you as I know you have nothing to do with these mistakes. But to say "mistakes in the past" how many and how long do these things have to go on before people realize this is the business ethics of TKO and that this is not likely to change.