kung fu guy

so im at work today, and i see this dude wearin a shirt that says "tactical defense something or another" on it and has a skull and cross bones. i figure its a military thing, so i ask him about it

so he says its his family's styler of kung fu and he teaches, i tell him that i do mma and we started talikin, so he gives me his card and tells me to stop by...i ask him what kind of training they do so he says "baquazhang(no way i could spell this, but its on his card) and dim mak, things like iron palm and stuff that if you did in the ring....someone would end up dead."

this guy was about 5'9 or 10 and prob 190 pretty chubby, should i go up and spar with him?

Yes. And then give us all the details.

But if we do not hear from you, we will assume that you were another victim to dim mak.


Yes, you absolutely go train with him.  But I can see it now:

OK, put your hands here, now I'll do this.  OK, now grab me like this.... see how that works.

Oh no wait, don't switch from striking to the ground like that... that is not the right way to make this work.  What you need to do is...  

Tell him it's funny that he trains in "Iron Palm" because you have "Steel Shins" -- then low leg Thai kick him.  And video it too, that will rule!     

no video camera...

i was just gonna go in and use some straight up boxin because im sooooo much taller than him

yes, because he probably thinks you only know how to "sport"fight and he is the deadly one

imma do it

i aint never gonna quesion you partna

i do!

lets go brah, lets go BRAH! lets run this shit.

is it?


Is his name Cody?

Have the match to the death - for him actually - you are not to kill him - he's only allowed to kill you.

Black Taoist I hear is quite bad-ass. I believe forum brother David Ross can attest that he has skillz.

Tim Cartmell (the guy who runs the Shen-WU site) got his BJJ BB in record time.

do it, and update!

JUDGE 1:  "He says Enzo Tanaka is his Shidoshi."

JUDGE 2:  "If so, then show us Dim Mak."

OGRE/JACKSON: "What the hell is a Dimmm Mack?"

JUDGE 1:  "Defph touch."

From Bloodsport

Yeah, the Dim Mak thing could be an indicator his BGZ is not so legit.

Wow, Cartmell IS legit:


Isn't that funny, an internal arts stylist with a BJJ blackbelt. Kind of the cryptonite for UGers who storm Kung-Fu schools : )

On a related note, I went to a TKD school this summer to see if they had anything to offer since it was right behind my house. The head instructor does a private beginning lesson with me to "assess my skills." After doing some pad work and being introduced to some stances, he asks to check out my ground game. And after 5 minutes, much to my arrogant suprise, he taps me! Then he starts talking about how he's been training in BJJ since 1994, fought some NHB fights, and has been training with Clay Pittman (Machado BB) on and off for years. D'OH!

But all in all these experiences are good, because we're looking to get better with whatever works, not just school the truly ignorant TMA'ers out there. I should have been glad that this TKD guy was a secret blue belt in BJJ. And I was, after a few days.

Uh, he does teach BJJ as well.

No disrespect Cannibal, but I believe you live in St Pete and I think you are new to the area. There is no grappling or MMA in St Pete. I know, because I am the only person in the area coaching submission. How can you find time to go beat up the kung fu geek but can't find the time to train? I'm not dissin', but alot of people talk about training in the St Pete area but no one really does it. That's why I am going to Tampa.   www.shootwrestling.org