Kung Fu Teacher Beats Up Students


dude, thats ridiculous!! did u see the blood one the one guy he hit with
the stick? whats wrong with this dude?

Im guessing that because he was with your momma, he thinks everyone likes that kinda shit.

It's the founder of Shooto, Satoru Sayama

the original tiger mask!!!! every now and then,as a goof,i like to don the tiger mask and grab a rattan stick and re-enact that scene w/ some of the students...

That is not kung fu.


Whats wrong with him??? Whats wrong with the students? They pay for that training.

"Whats wrong with him??? Whats wrong with the students? They pay for that training."

If you cant take a few taps with a Bo, dont show up to my Dojang brother.

I'm not blaming the instructor. The students take the punishment for a reason, Mabey because he's good and makes quality fighters, I dont know.

It's not a big deal... It's not like he beating little kids

ouch, that one dude in beginning getting hit 2 times.


I have been hit in the head by a stick numerous times and it really just hurts later, but that dude was floored

I dunno, I think that just makes someone conditioned to take a beating, not a better fighter. For instance, Daijiro Matsui actually had some decent MMA skills, but he had taken so many beatings it's like he'd fight just to see how long of a beating he could receieve rather than try to pull out a win. The guy was too broken down mentally. IMO, if you want to take a beating just to get tougher go join a Juko-Kai school. Then you can take 80 groin shots per class.


Just so you guys know, that's not a Kung Fu school and obviously not Kung Fu training.

For the UG member/Fucktard that refers to everyone as Pride/Japanese nutriders...WHAT's your fucking point?!! Pride is the premiere MMA organization in the world right now with the best fighters. GET OVER IT!

Satoru Sayama, the founder of japanese Shooto (one of the oldest versions of MMA. Founded 1985), holding a camp called "hell-camp" (or something similar -it was a while since the details were posted). Basicaly it was a camp where the students expected that kind of treatment, and got praises and a patt on the back for sticking it out afterwards.

Guess he never taught them the secret technique of....



I thought everyone ragged on TMAs for being soft and not training with real strikes. TTT for real training!

Once again.

That is NOT kungfu, That is SHOOTO, a well known japanese MMA organization.

The guy is Satoru Sayama, founder of Shooto.