Kung Fu vs MMA

This is an instructor telling his students how easy it is to defeat a NHB fighter. He belives he could use his Kung Fu to win at the Olympics in TKD.Read the thread:http://www.wahnam.com/forum/showthread.php?s=a322ba37ffbcc190777091300ac71041&threadid=551&perpage=10&pagenumber=1Kung Fu Link here

oh damn here go ...i am banking 1000 responses on this thread...

Post on his site. Also go to the video clips and see their sparring.

"BTW "Don't let them take you down" really translates to "I never came up with anything to do against that so stop asking because its emabarassing." Or, at least that's what it means in the karate world ;-)"



"The reason shooters and grapplers don't worry about such things is because they have never fought someone with such internal force. They are prepared to take a normal hit on the way in. They don't mind taking punches on the ground because they aren't as powerful. Unfortunately, all of this goes out the window when dealing with internal force.

Sorry folks, but attempting a shoot or a tackle on an internal master is a really bad idea. Unless your opponent is compassionate, it is suicide."


ummmmm.... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

"I'll note that I recently defeated another exponent in grappling by using this skill. He had me in the mounted position (for those of us who do not speak ju-jitsu, he had me just about defeated), when I remember Sifu Wong's book and just grabbed his throat. The fight ended there and no one was hurt. That's what I mean by efficiency and compassion!"


oh god lmao - i would just like to BItch slapped this TARD!!!

that whole site and forum is MOS DEF a MC DOJO i couldnts stand reading any further such BS!!!!

someone should tell the MMA strikers about this Tiger Claw that stops everything ;-)

sounds legit to me... :-)

Isn't tiger claw just gabbing someone's throat? WTF skill does that involve? A fucking monkey could do that. And as for 'crushing his elbow into pulp', lol, yeah whatever sifu...

"Bah. We've never met! You don't know my force. I do have force, but my Tiger Claw is nothing. I don't train it seriously...yet. However, I can still rip off ears, gouge eyes, claw genitals, and tear skin. I can also grip some points, especially if you hold still."

Ok... keep your genitals covered if you ever fight this romo...

"Note: I would like to point out that being on the receiving end of this kind of demonstration is actually a tremendous honor. Some disbelievers might jump up and say, "I want to feel that!" What they fail to realize is that a demonstration of such awesome power is an honor usually reserved for disciples who have earned the Master's trust."

yeah... so they'll only actually demonstrate this crap on his most trusted students... of course they're not going to call BS on the whole thing.

There's so much crap on this site, I can't believe it's for real.

"I am with Antonius on this one. Most of the UFC fighters don't even know how to punch properly. This is the reason why they use gloves right now. They broke their wrist when they punch."

I disagree, most of the stuff that fool is advocating doesn't take a lot of skill to do. How hard is it to poke someones eye, tear their ears or (cringe)'claw genitals'.i'm sure a good wrestler could do exactly the same stuff, only from a better position. His argument sucks.


is this sarcasm? you're joking right?

an MMA coach i know once responed to such non-sense with - "if you cant beat us with rules, what makes you think you can beat us without rules?!"

those rules are there for the protection of both parties involved.

For the most part - and i realize this is a broad generalization but, most MMA practioners train like athletes, therefore are in good physical condition, and have the confidence or know what works through realistic training against a resisiting opponent. This gives them a huge advantage on most TMA artist who have never actually trained in a competitive or confrontational setting.

10count, you dont seriously think that allowing these extras will make any difference.

Remember in the first UFC's the only thing not allowed was eye gouges and fish hooks.
Knee strikes, pressure points...all allowed. The game wouldnt chnage, and no one has proven it. Challenge any fighter and tell him you want eye strikes allowed. See what happens.

LMAO @ 10 count


look seriously man i have accidently hit folks in the eyes unintentionally and beleive me there is no NEEDED skill to do that.. either way the person's natural reflexes and response is to drop there defense or to nurse the eye.

Now imagine ifu INTENTIONALLY did this!!! the fight is pretty much over and all uhave to do ( like a smart person ) is gitya azz outta there....fight is over that FAST!! u dont need "shaolin eye dagger finger tech. o f 20 yrs " value for that to be effective .

honestly...i would enjoy going toe to toe with a kung fu guy.

(lets just hope no one in mma learns tiger claw)lmao

I remember reading on kungfuonline.com a couple years ago about a red sash in kung fu doing a spinning backfist on a gracie brown belt and knocking him out, then it really happened in the UFC.

A recent fight promotion held in Queensland, Australia featured several Kung Fu practitioners in MMA fights.

They actually fared not too bad, but they were funny as shit walking around town in their black pants an jackets and red sashes after weigh in.

they guy who claims he can rip off ears with his tiger claw, how does he know this? has he done it you think? or just his sifu has told him he can

"But if someone mastered the Art, he would be able to and know how to use certain skills that arent allowed in the sport. "

if that is true then where are the So called Masters??!! Aside from saying things like :

"oh my our style is to be respected and held with honor there fore we wont fall to the head of battle testing just to prove to the many blah blah blah ...its a disrace to our tradition blha blah blah... its without honor wisdom spirit this n that blah blah blah and so on and yin yang such n such evil is bad blaah blah ... we dont do it for sport of to prove yada yada yada..."

u know what i mean man?

Mastering the ART? u say ... well damn how MASTERING of any science of art can u possilbly GET till u are satisfied ??!! that aint really saying much , u can be a so called master of BJJ or SAVATE or whatever but there is no limit to learning ...its the fighter or stylist not the style... u can only acsend so far but no style will ever be perfection .