Kungfu movie buffs...help me find this movie


great hero from china...1994, starring kar lok chin.


probably one of the most awesome kungfu flicks I've ever seen...one of the many wong fei hung movies out there, but one of the best. better than the jet li wong fei hung movies imo. 


I've only been able to find one copy, on vhs on amazon. are there really no dvds or digital copies of this movie out there?

well fuck me...after digging deep finally found a torrent with one seed. looks like it'll take a few hrs but I might actually get it.

Which site? Thanks in advance. Phone Post 3.0

Ya what site haha Phone Post 3.0

i'll wait until it has 4 seeds

btw, anybody wanting this movie...here is a link to the torrent




be warned it has russian dubbing at the beginning and end...the middle is ok though.


also, that torrent will say no seeds/peers...however, if you just launch it anyway it will connect to one seed. if it doesnt let me know and i'll seed it long enough for whoever wants it.

It's on youtube in 4 parts under the alternate title:
Martial Art Master Wong Fei Hong

here's Part 1 : http://youtu.be/fSfiM0PzJrk