Kurgans Gi's

Hi All ... some quick questions;

How much do Kurgans usually shrink ???

I'm 6'2 and 180pounds ... A3 ???

Thanks in advance!


i would recommend NOT getting a Krugan's gi. I had 2 Krugan's about 3-4 years ago and they were the best gi's I've EVER owned. However, the ones I've seen in the last couple of years are crap. They are super thin and not put together well. You can get whatever you want, but for the money you can't go wrong with an ATAMA. My personal favorite and we've sold dozens of them at our school with not one single problem. Just my 2 cents.

Angelo, do you have a deal w/ atam to sell them wholesale throgh your gym?

If so, how do you set that up?

Advanced...about being "wholesale", I'm not sure, but we do get a discount to resell them to our students. We don't make a killing on them, but enough to make it worth our while and to give our students a quality product. Email/call Eric at ATAMA and he can give you more details. WWW.ATAMAKIMONOS.COM has their contact info.

I bought a Krugan made in Brazil about three years ago and it is/was a great gi. I still wear it even though its very worn. A friend of mine bought one about two years later and it ain't worth a durn!

see above complaints.

get a Koral - they are pre-shrunk and better quality.

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Thanks for the imput all .... Problem is i'm in Australia and i'm kinda limited to whats available on MMAGEAR.com

A blue Koral in Australian dollars is $240
A blue Kurgan in Australian dollars is $130

Check out MMAGear.com Keiko Blue Goldweaves (not the special). Only $99.00 if I'm not mistaken

I got my Krugans about 2 years ago and I love it. Although the pants are ripping which is usual for my gi's the top is still in great shape. My Atama top is 3 years old and going to give way any day now. Atama is a great gi too.

I like my Krugans. I like my Ouano too.