Kwame Brown

has been playing MUCH better recently. I've also got to say that the Lakers as a whole have been playing pretty well lately.

i'm still shocked about kwame. not so much about the increased production in points and rebounds, but how well he runs the floor. he's a pretty big guy and he was sprinting down the floor against the warriors and getting dunks on fast breaks. maybe i've been too used to a lumbering shaq in the middle, but it was awesome to see our center sprinting down court to get dunks.

"Jordan mentally destroyed Kwame even though he had all the potential in the world."


"Just goes to show what positive re-enforcement can do to a young Black Man."


yeah i read excerpts from a book covering jordan's last 2 years in washington and he really seemed to bitch kwame.

Kwame's always been a freakish athlete, just never a good player.

Unfortunately, I think this is just a glitch for him, and that he'll return to being a mediocre player after he gets this out of his system.