KY AC approves resumption of MMA events

The Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission consulted with relevant state officials, and last week approved the reopening of professional and amateur MMA events, as well as professional boxing, and profession wrestling exhibitions. While events are permitted to resume, they are not recommended because of the potential risk of spreading COVID-19.

Promoters will have to meet guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control, the Kentucky governor’s office, and the Kentucky Department of Public Health. Further restrictions include:

•All spectators, officials, and employees and volunteers associated with any venue, promotion or event, are subject to the Venues and Event spaces guidelines;

•Participants should wear masks and engage in social distance measures when not in competition;

•Any person attending or participating in KBWC-sanctioned events does so at their own risk and the KBWC shall not be held responsible for any liability whatsoever; and,

•The KBWC recommends that each promoter consult with their own private legal counsel around any concerns regarding risk and/or liability.

h/t Lane Report