Kyle Bradley +500, Underdog to watch?

I had a chance to catch up with Kyle monday as he was hitting pads with his coach... he's a +500 on the odds...

I love Joe to death, but I think Kyle's pretty talented too.... His last fight against Lytle, he had a torn meniscus and had bumped up a weight class to take the fight on 3 weeks notice... We get to see him at his natural weight this time..

Any thoughts on this fight?

The rest of the pics are from monday night out and about...

Kyle "KBeezy" Bradley could definitely bring home the upset. The man who prefers to be known as "KBeezy" hits hard! Lauzon is very well-rounded and a fast starter, the UFC may regret leaving this fight off the main card. We may get to see it regardless, though.

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To be honest, the fact that he's being given two heavily promoted UFC fighters who were coming off losses makes me think the UFC considers him a near sure-win for their more established guys.

He does have a size advantage over Lauzon though, so anything is possible.

Kyle is very skilled and def the Daro Hourse of the night. He has what it takes to pull out the upset.

dont let Kyle's first fight in the UFC fool you.the guy hits like a mack truck,and is very well rounded.the guy is someone to watch out for at 155.dont count him out +500 anyone that like to gamble it is well worth the bet.


Bradley really needs to come out swinging right away and not let Lauzon take control of the fight! Joe may run right into the "Chris Sozansky now 0-1" body shot if he isn't careful.