Kyle Jensen VS Josh Neer Feb 7

Xtreme Kage Kombat presents Clash in Curtiss 4 - Feb 7th , Curtiss Wi at El Norteno's
Curtiss is central Wisconsin area. Approximately 2 – 2.5 Hours from Twin Cities. 4.5 - 5.5 hours from Chicago area. Depends on how many speeding tickets you can avoid. Any Questions related to fighters call Jeff Paul at 651-248-9516. email is
Direction questions can be answered by 715-223-2040

Kyle Jensen - North Fight Club vs Josh Neer "The Dentist"

Tommy Lee - Gilbert Grappling/Team Hellhouse vs. TBA

Chad Sutton – Dave Menne's Combat Academy vs TBA

Jason Guida - Gilbert Grappling/Team Hellhouse vs Nate Homme Dave Menne Combat Acadamy

Jim O'Flanigan - Xtreme Kage Kombat vs Mike Napralla Team Coroner

Chris Michael - Heath Pedigo Signed on as a big grudge match.

Heavyweight Local Title Fight Adam Porachka vs Ron Merritt (Heavyweight Title Fight)

Ezra Rollingson vs Jason Nefsted

Plus all the crazy locals
Thank you, Jeff Paul

jaydub - Yeah this should be all out war. Its not to far from the cities. Would make a good Road trip. I wouldn't mind watching Kyle vs Guthmiller also. It was one of the best fights I've seen. That whole night was the best fights I have seen. Pulver vs Emerson was great. I think every fight went the distance and it was about 100 degrees with 90% humidity. I could barely breath it was so humid. Hope to see you there otherwise I will probaly see you on the 13th at spikers again. JP

3t's for Kyle

ttt for Jensen.

I agree about the Jensen - Guthmiller fight along with that entire card. It was, IMHO, the best local show that I have seen. Almost every fight was competetive with some real wars. The two that stand out in my mind were Jensen - Guthmiller and Pulver - Emerson.


Fred ¿

If you need a 145-155 lber for your card. I think Mike
French of MFS might be interested.

watch out for josh neer. after seeing him fight this weekend he can go. he looked good in all aspects of the fight.


ttt for Jensen

Chris Michael - Heath Pedigo Signed on as a big grudge match.
Informed they are under contract and will not be able to compete.

madsexy1 - I hear Josh is tough, I have never seen him fight.

damaebushi - It was great!!!

TimmyH - Do you have an email address?



I cant take the credit for setting up this great fight. Mike Reilly has been great with all his help. Thanks Mike and John.

You better watch out he is managed by Chad "The Great One" Mason. He has him under contract and he will sue any promoter who uses Neer without his permission. BTW Im just kidding and Chad Mason is a penis. Good luck to Neer he is a tough guy.

best of luck Kyle.

JP- the contract is signed and on its way back to you. Thanks to Mike Reilly for getting this set up for Josh. Mike has been very helpful, and it does not go unappreciated. I look forward to meeting everyone at the show....never been to WI before!

Oh...and LOL at Travis ;)

Thanks John it should be a really great show. Yeah thanks to Mike again, He handled everything very professional. He is out not only the sport, but for the fighters as well.

Travis Fulton, Yeah thanks for the warning, I have had an earfull of Mason the scumbag. If your in the area you have a VIP seat waiting for you and crew.

Jaydub - Dont miss out. Call me if you are coming out to get you a good seat. 651-248-9516

Thanks guys -
Looking forward to the show.



ttt for Kyle!!!