Kyle Maynard is the Man!

Saw him on Headline News today. He's climbing Mt. Kilimajaro and meeting with disabled kids in Africa. He said being born with 4 missing limbs was A blessing. His mindset and spirit are an inspiration! Phone Post

tTT for Maynard. Some of you may recall that he competed in mma once. He's supposedly a strong grappler and clearly has no shortage of testicular fortitude.

I'm traveling, but I'll try to find a vid about his Kilimajaro attempt when I get back. Phone Post

. . . by building a quantum entanglement device?

starts standing ovation

He said he'll be doing a bear crawl. Sometimes he was on his stumps (sorry if that's the wrong word), and sometimes he was rolling sideways. I'll are if I can find a vid when I get to my laptop.

He's duct taping old Mt. Bike tires to his limbs. I could be wrong, but i think Kilimajaro is around 19,000 ft. Phone Post

if he climbs a mountain like that rolling and crawling hes a beast.


Beowulfie - taping old Mt. Bike tires to his limbs.

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Here's an article on CNN. I'm not finding the vid.

His documentary A Fighting Chance is streaming on HULU right now. Very moving.

TTT for Kyle. He does more without limbs than I do with them.

Kyle Maynard inspires everyone.

Damn... I climbed the Kilimanjaro. That last climb sucked with all limbs intact. The best of luck to him.

lol i'm subscribed to this thread but can't find my post on it. I must have made an insensitive stump-related comment.

Well done on the mountain climb tho! If you would please stay out of MMA, that would be awesome. Don't wanna see him get hurt.