Kyle = No Elite XC tonight for me

Glad to see him get beat down.

But having him on the card costed Elite XC my money tonight. I will NEVER pay for a card hes on. I don't care whos headlining it.

While you're at it, beings the UG talks about Kyle, why don't you leave the UG as well.

I think we all agree that Kyle is a douchebag.

The UG doesent cut Kyle a check for his crap. I refuse to give Kyle my nickel.

That is all.

I do the same shit when Mike Tyson fights.


it was like 24.95 or something. Im just following the headlines on the interwebs

Costed... Wow...

dude, one time I buyed these videos where these guys fighted...I couldnt wate to seen them, I runned home as fast as I cud.


he got beat with a Steve Jennum arm bar! lmao!

Why are people so unforgiving. It's like you're all christians or something.

I dont know if it would have stopped me from ordering the fights... I really wanted to see Cung Vs Shaomrock... But I respect and appreciate M1fanboy's conviction. Some shit shouldnt be forgotton. While I commend you for sticking to your guns, I hope Im not taken as a hypocrite for knowing Karma would hand that douche a brutal loss, even with my PPV dollars. Good for you, and good for him getting a brutal beating.

I don't mind seeing Kyle on a card as long as they continue to match him up against fighters that are sure to smash him. He deserves no less.