Kyle or Cole?

who takes it? i say cole.

I say Kyle.

Winner is going to fight Kimbo from what I've heard. I could be wrong though.


I thought Cole was L HWT???

I hate Kyle but Cole isn't that good. I wanna see Cole pull it off tho and embrass Kyle.

poor kyle...they made an example out of him...wahhhhhh...

embrass his ass!

Well, I guess Cole just beat that ass LoL


war cole! damn son

" Anyone else think he looks like a HW version of Trigg? "


uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cole?

i thought he was gonna kick him in the face to escape

love it

I'll guess Cole by armbar

Melendez vs Lemley fight next, I say Melendez takes it.

WOW armbar city

i was chuckling as he went for that sloppy arm bar... then suddenly it worked

Did anyone see how shocked Kimbo was?

I think that was the ugliest armbar I've ever seen.. lol.. thats fucking awesome!!