Kyle Rittenhouse already bitching out, says he "supports BLM..."

Rittenhouse said, “because he was, like, going on with all this QAnon and election fraud stuff and just stuff we don’t agree with.”

Can you imagine the pressure on that kid right now to change the way he thinks and feels about issues? Say this don’t say that meet with this guy come to this event. His whole tucker interview was scripted and he probably got a nice fat paycheck for it. I can see him falling apart in the near future

of course it was scripted. how many 17-18 year olds go and talk about “prosecutorial misconduct” only to have the right wingers repeat that same phrase over and over.

He’s all over the please. Visits with TUcker and Trump, but then says, he supports BLM, and doesnt support election fraud lies.

I give it less than a year before his dui

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The very fact that you believe that that’s necessary is laughable and indicative of your deep seeded obsession with race. It’s also a symptom of virtue-signaling faggotry. Which you people are addicted to.

he reducing his chances to get get filed on Federally. This is chess not checkers.

He smarter than all of you.

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[quote=“donkypunch55, post:365, topic:3699373, full:true”]

The fact that you seem somewhat tormented, obsessed and preoccupied with me capitalizing Black, tells me that you have issues with race. Specifically the Black race.

Spotted the blm sympathizer supporter!

I can’t imagine how you arrived at those conclusions. I’m comically tickled that you’re such a race obsessed cuck. That’s the extent of it. I continue to engage you because I enjoy laughing at you. So please, continue looking stupid and saying dumb shit.